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About Us

A client's home is probably their biggest asset. Consequently, helping a client to maximize the current value of their real estate will be the most financially valuable help that you provide to them.

We created iKnowRealEstate.NET to help you give better real estate advice to your clients. We want to enhance your business by giving you access to more resources.

Thor Roundy is a real estate attorney with 20 years experience representing real estate agents, lenders, appraisers, developers, builders, and investors. He is the owner of a title insurance company, which has closed thousands of transactions. He teaches real estate courses for continuing education credit and helps other professionals with their real estate needs.

Alan Blood is also an attorney who teaches real estate courses for continuing education credit. He operates a mortgage company and has experience closing hundreds of loan transactions.

We would also like to include you in a larger network of business professionals. There are no monthly dues and no commitments. We simply want to tell you about networking events that are happening in the Utah Business Community, with the hope of enticing you to join us, develop new business relationships, and contribute to each other's success.

The development of social media has made it possible for a new kind of network to develop. There are more local business communities developing online and offline, because of the new tools we have for communication. In these communities, we share ideas, make referrals and help each other succeed.

If you are ready to get connected to more resources and professional business communities, let us know at iKnowRealEstate.NET!