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Specialty Real Estate Services for Divorce Attorneys

When your clients need quick access to their old home's equity so they can purchase homes meeting their new needs, it helps to have a real estate agent whose business is designed to move homes quickly. I can introduce you to such an agent.

For example, one method to sell a home quickly is to charge a lower commission rate. Playing with the commission structure can help sell a home faster, without reducing how much your clients receive. Better agents maintain an active network of buyers looking to benefit from lower prices. Consequently, better agents move properties more quickly.

What is the standard of practice in a divorce case, where the martial estate includes real property?

The alternatives include:

  1. Sell the property and divide the equity equally.
  2. Transfer the property to one spouse, reserving an lien of the other spouse’s equity in the property.

Option 2 has some drawbacks:

Solving these problems requires:

I can introduce you to agents and lenders who specialize in serving attorneys and their clients. They will help your clients with their real estate needs:


Loan Officer

My clients have a unique service niche, which allows them to better serve both spouses in a divorce situation.

If my loan officer is able to qualify both spouses for a home loan, then the standard of practice should be to allow at least 90 days during the divorce process for my real estate agent to actively market the home for the parties. That will allow both parties to end up in a home most suitable to their circumstances with the benefit of their home equity.

Even when one spouse retains ownership of the home, this realtor and loan officer can still assist the other spouse in identifying and purchasing a new home.

If seller financing is an option, I can provide you with contracts specifically designed for that purpose.

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