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This article introduces the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure Types.

There are two types of foreclosures in the state of Utah. Foreclosure on a trust deed is typically conducted as a non-judicial foreclosure. Foreclosure on a mechanic's lien, judgment or most other obligations is generally conducted as judicial foreclosure. The foreclosure procedure depends upon whether a foreclosure...
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Closing is the most important part of a real estate transaction; yet, most title insurance companies prepare only a warranty deed and a settlement statement.

The Utah Supreme Court has stated that agreements made before closing generally become obsolete upon the delivery of the deed. The law refers to this principle as the doctrine of...
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I refer individuals to real estate agents on a regular basis. If you have an interest in hiring a real estate agent, please give me a call. I will be happy to connect you with a person who will work hard to sell your home, communicate effectively with you, and explain your options as a...
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